Class(y) is a library which adds sophisticated object-oriented capabilities to the CA-Clipper database language.  It was sold up until 1995 by AppSolutions, Inc. of New Jersey.  Clipper, being an MS-DOS based product, naturally lost market share as the world moved to Windows, and the market for Class(y) shrank along with it.  However, Clipper and Class(y) are still being used in applications around the world, on every continent (well, I'm not sure about Antarctica).

The final version of Class(y), version 2.4b, is available free of charge, and can be downloaded below.

Class(y) is no longer actively supported, but support can be provided on a consulting basis.  Enquiries can be emailed to


Click here to download Class(y) version 2.4b.  This ZIP file contains the last version that was shipped on diskette, in 1995.  The only changes since then have been the inclusion of a freeware license agreement, and minor changes to some of the text files to update obsolete information.  Some of the files still contain outdated information, such as addresses and email addresses, so be warned.

The ZIP file includes the reference portions of the manual in "Norton Guide" format.  The same material is also provided in HTML format below.  The introduction and tutorial material that was in the original Class(y) manual is not included in the ZIP file, but is provided below in HTML format.


Please note that this documentation derives from work originally done as early as 1991.  Although it has held up fairly well, some of the contextual information, such as that contained in Chapter 2 below, may seem outdated today.  Then again, if you were using Clipper and Class(y) in 1992, you were ahead of the times, so it all balances out in the end!